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BIOL 100: Thomson: Choosing a Topic

Choosing a Topic in Biology

Search the library catalog (OneSearch) to see whether we have any books on topics that interest you. For example.

If you find a book that looks interesting, go to the shelf and and browse around the call number (above: SF433.B44 2007) to see other books on the same topic.

You can ALSO do a virtual browse from OneSearch, just by scrolling to the bottom of the library record. For example:



If you haven't decided on a topic and want to see what's new and exciting in the world of Biology, look at some recent issues of biology or science journals. The chances are good you'll find something that intrigues you!

"Nature" and "Science" are two journals that cover recent news in all of the sciences.   

Two other journals that cover a wide variety of topics are "American Scientist" and "Science News" - these two are written for anyone interested in science, not only professional scientists.

Choosing a Topic is Research

Explore Different Ideas

Choosing a topic that is both researchable, interesting to you, and fit the assignment guidelines can be tough!  Doing a little pre-research will help you find a topic and save you frustration and time in the future.