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ENGL 105 Arrizon: Objectivity

Is the page's bias obvious? Or is it hidden?

On this same link as our currency example, under the heading "Keeping our stakeholders informed", can you figure out who this website's stakeholders might be?  

Click on this link and as you read "Get the Facts", ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the purpose of this page?
  • Does the page present factual information?
  • Does it present a complete picture? What is NOT mentioned?

Next, scan this article from Forbes magazine, then read the information at the end about the author.

  • What is the author's area of expertise, and is it really relevant to the topic?
  • Are there any other clues that suggest that the author might have a bias or ulterior motive in writing this piece?
  • Then think about the source. What can you tell about Forbes' main audience - and is that audience's opinions about global warming likely to be impartial?