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COMM 110 Public Speaking: Books

eBooks: Academic Collection (EBSCO)

Gale eBooks

Google Books

Try going to Advanced Search and limiting your search to


Google Book Search


Sometimes you have to play around with keywords for a while to find the right terms.  If you were looking for information about your health, you might try different keywords:

Communication in...  (business, law enforcement, design, etc.)
Visual Communication
Body language
Nonverbal communication
Interpersonal communication
Intercultural communication


As you do your research, keep a list of keywords that help you get to the information you are looking for.

Finding More Books: Advanced Search Techniques




Gives the computer words to look for.  A good way to start your search.


Tells the computer to only look for materials that have been tagged as about the subject by a librarian.

More flexible – you can combine any words you think of.


Less flexible – you have to write the subject exactly as the librarian tagged it or it won’t work.

A lot of results, but many not related to what you need.


Less, more focused and relevant

What are other Keywords have come up in your readings about education so far?

What do you get if you combine the subject:  education with some of these keywords?

Library Catalog