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ECE 254: Teaching in a Diverse Society: Library Databases

Finding Articles: Databases

Library Article Databases are collections of articles from magazines, academic/scholarly journals, newspapers, e-books and more. 

The most efficient way to find a full text article is to use an article database.

Article databases include articles from a variety of journals and magazines. Type in a few keywords to see what kinds of articles you find.

Stop by the Library reference desk or call  (306-3267) if you have any trouble!

Search Tips

Keyword Searches:

Tip #1: When searching for articles in a database, choose keywords instead of typing in a sentence or question.  

Tip #2: When developing keywords, identify main ideas, synonyms, and broader, narrower, or related terms. 


Online Research: Tips for Effective (Search) Strategies: This three minute video describes three important search tips that will save you precious time.

Recommended Database: Academic Search Complete

Recommended Database: ERIC

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences

Additional Databases for Early Childhood Education

Try these additional databases, too:

  • Young Children: Young Children is a peer-reviewed, professional journal published bimonthly by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); issues are organized around "cluster" topics and issues in the field of early childhood education. 

  • Early Childhood Research and Practice (ECRP)ECRP is a bilingual Internet journal on the development, care and education of young children from birth to approximately age 8. The journal was discontinued after 2015 but the archives contains many high quality articles, with emphasizes on:

    • practice-related research and development

    • issues related to practice, parent participation and policy

    • emerging practice and policy