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MLA 8 for ESL: Exercise: Cite a Web Page

Citing Websites: Part I, Finding the Core Elements

1. Open the web page Key findings on Americans’ views of race in 2019.

2. In your group, work together to gather the Core Elements from the website, for example: author, web page title, etc.

3. Each group member fills in each Core Element on the green MLA Worksheet (fill in the blank boxes).

4. Check our work as a class.

Purpose of Exercise

This quick exercise was designed to help you cite sources for your research assignment. Just follow the same steps as we did in class.

Don't forget to ask a librarian if you get stuck OR would like to have your citations checked before you turn in your paper. 

Citing Websites: Part 2, Creating the Citation

4. Next, open a new blank Google Doc or Word document.

5. Title your new document Works Cited and center the title in the middle of the page.

Now you're ready to create your own MLA citation for the web page, "Key findings on Americans’ views of race in 2019."

6. Find Websites on page 3 of your MLA Quick Guide handout.

7. Follow the Example given to create your own MLA citation for the web page.

(Note: The Example is for a different web page on the same website, The Pew Research Center).

8. Check our work as a class.