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ENGL 100 Cudahy: Articles

Accessing Databases

.Accessing Databases

To access any of Cañada Library's Databases, like JSTOR or Gale eBooks, you will need go to the library's homepage:

Click on "Databases," then choose the database you want to search under the dropdown menu
  1. Select the Databases tab.
  2. Click on the database name you want to access from the Browse Databases From A-Z pull down menu and click on the GO button.

    If you are off campus, you will need to log in with your OneLogin (same username and password you use for Canvas).

General Databases

These databases are useful for whatever topic you're searching.


Video: How to Search JSTOR

Academic Search Complete

Video: How to Search Academic Search Complete

Academic OneFile (Gale)

Gale eBooks

Video: How to Search Gale eBooks


History, Literature, and Education Databases

If you're writing about the Vietnam War, Education, or Food Ethics then these databases have useful articles.

Databases Vietnam War

U.S. History in Context database

World History In Context database

War and Terrorism (Gale OneFile)

Literature Resource Center database

Databases Education


Educator's Reference Complete (Gale OneFile)

Databases Food Ethics

Environmental Studies in Context

GreenFILE database

Health and Medicine (Gale OneFile)

What is a Scholarly Article?

Scholarly Articles

Popular Articles

Scholarly articles are written by experts in the field and, additionally, reviewed by a panel experts in the field. They tend to include a lot of research and data, and the information in the article is backed up by a list of references.  Popular articles are often written by journalists for a general audience and are not reviewed by experts in the field.  Popular articles rarely include references.



For more detailed information on what a scholarly article looks like, see the excellent tutorial Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.