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A guide to general information and resources for DACA students and faculty.

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American Dreamers

American Dreamers

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Julio Navarrete

Julio Navarrete worked with students at Cañada to share their stories. Julio Navarrete: YouTube Channel.

Why Go to College?

Why Should You Go to College?

By Antonio Rosales 

Excerpt of an address given at the
“Undocumented Student Forum”
March 30, 2011
Cañada College
Redwood City, California

Why should you go to college?


   You have no choice

   You can do this

   You are not alone

   You are curious and want to know and explore

   You are courageous and want to try

   You are a human being and want to make a change

   You are unique and want to leave a mark on this world

   You are interested in knowing how a country functions

   You want to know who controls you (us)

   You want to be the best economist








                                          Father, Mother









   You want to protect your dear brothers who work in the fields and are dying doing so

   You want to improve the living conditions of those living in barrios and ghettos

   You want to fight for the underdogs

   You want to build the best bridge

   You want to punish evil acts

   You want to set things right

   You want to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a reality and not just a written document

   You care about the well-being of your brothers, sisters, coworkers, classmates, and neighbors

   You know the world functions better when we educate ourselves

   You know there is so much work to do and want to reduce the load on others

   You have so much knowledge and talent to share with us

   You are gifted

   You love yourself and wish we could all love each other

   You are thankful to the people who have helped you

   You know there is a great deal of people who trust you and innately believe in you

   You want to show your gratitude to the world

   You were born to make a change

   You want to improve democracy

   You do not want to let anyone down, especially yourself

   You know life is short

Because, my brothers and sisters, you are worriers whose shield is your intellect

Because you want to leave a better world for your beloved ones

Because you can no longer tolerate the lies that bombard you every day

Because you just woke up this morning and saw your face in the mirror and for the first time 

                      you questioned yourself about

                      your human duties on the planet...........................

Because, you just want to



[1] Antonio Rosales is a graduate of Cañada College. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor's degree in May, 2012 and is currently preparing to apply to graduate school.