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Early Childhood Education: Books

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Image from "Wandering in Nature" by Veronica Iezzi

ECE Books

Inclusion in the Early Childhood Classroom

In this engaging book, the authors share stories from their practice and research about several young children with a variety of developmental delays and disabilities and their teachers. They explore the ways that teachers and children respond in real classrooms to real challenges, examining both those opportunities that are capitalized on as well as those that are missed.

Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive, Second Edition

Updated to reflect current state standards across the country, this new edition provides practical help, support, and clear explanations on how to make early learning standards relevant and useful in your classroom or program

Professionalizing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice

Where do you begin the important conversation about professionalizing early childhood education (ECE) as a field of practice? This book is the tool you need to advance the conversation and shape the future of ECE. Professionalizing Early Childhood Education As a Field of Practice provides an overview of the topic, a participant guide, a conversation workbook, and a facilitator guide to move the conversation forward.

Embracing Identities in Early Childhood Education

his book provides examples of creative ways in which the early childhood practitioners and theorists are re-thinking their work in terms of equity, difference, and the recognition of racial, ethnic and sexual diversity.

Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs

his practical guide for leaders of anti-bias early childhood education programs looks at the key concepts that underlie the development of such programs, reviews current research and thinking about best practices, explores the work of "reading the program" as a prelude to commencing anti-bias education leadership, discusses specific issues for working with staff and families, presents professional development strategies for integrating and sustaining anti-bias work after initial implementation, explores the management of conflict, addresses approaches to documenting and assessing progress in a program, examines the issue of required standards and assessment tools, and offers reflections on sustaining an anti-bias vision and journey

Race and Early Childhood Education: An International Approach to Identity, Politics and Pedagogy

Analysis of outcomes from the Preschool Children's Constructions of Racial and Cultural Diversity (PCCRCD) project.

ECE eBooks

Voices of Transgender Children in Early Childhood Education

This volume explores transgender children and internalized body normalization in early childhood education settings, steeped in critical methodologies including post-structuralism, queer theory, and feminist approaches.

Preschool Beyond Walls

Preschool Beyond Walls shows practical and strategic ways educators can create rich, explorative, and interdisciplinary learning through extensive outdoor experiences.

High-Quality Early Childhood Programs

An invaluable tool for the director/supervisor striving to identify what aspects of an early childhood program need improvement. The detailed descriptions of what one should see in high quality programs (and why) gives readers a strong foundation of child development knowledge and of principles translated into practice.

Contemporary Perspectives on Research on Bullying and Victimization in Early Childhood Education

While the research on bullying and peer victimization has increased considerably over the past 20 years, a number of studies are emerging that document mixed results of bullying and prevention programs. During the last decades, several special issues devoted to research on bullying and victimization have been published in national and international scholarly journals.

The Project Approach for All Learners

Includes a complete package of training and implementation materials! A proven and popular teaching method, the Project Approach engages the natural curiosity of children through in-depth investigations of topics that capture their interest.

Digital Childhoods

This book highlights the multiple ways that digital technologies are being used in everyday contexts at home and school, in communities, and across diverse activities, from play to web searching, to talking to family members who are far away. The book helps readers understand the diverse practices employed as children make connections with digital technologies in their everyday experiences.

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