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ENGL 165 Arrizon - Climate Change: Resources for Research

Cast a wide net - or focus on specific topic?

Where to look for information depends on what type of source best suits your need.

  • Is the topic unfamiliar to you, are you unsure where to start? Get an overview - and learn what keywords to search - by looking in an encyclopedia.
  • Do you want to see if there's a lot available on your topic? Use Super Search to pull up newspapers, magazine or scholarly articles, books or ebooks all at once. 
  • Are you looking for a topic that is complex, or has a lot of different aspects? Look for encyclopedias, books, and eBooks using the library catalog, specialized encyclopedias, and/or online eBooks.
  • To find events, statements by important people, announcements about policies or studies - look in newspapers or video documentaries
  • To find scholarly research or analysis - look in an academic database.
  • Looking for pro and con arguments? Use the Opposing Viewpoints database, or search for editorials.
  • Looking for data? Try Statista too.

See below for links to these sources. If this feels like too much to choose from, or if you have any questions, Ask a Librarian!

Online eBooks

News reports and documentaries

Opposing Viewpoints


Specialized Encyclopedias


What about Wikipedia? While sometimes controversial, Wikipedia entries can be great places to start - so long as you don't stop there. More information about how to use this source responsibly is under the tab for Wikipedia!?! .

General One File - journals, magazines, and news

Academic Search Complete

ProQuest Natural Science Collection