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Students can print from any mobile device, smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection by using one of Wēpa’s six upload methods. Learn more on the Wēpa guide, How To Print.

Wēpa printing is a cloud-based system where students can print from multiple devices and send to the cloud to be released or printed at any Wēpa print station. Students are encouraged to download the app and set up their own account.

  • Cloud: Wēpa's Cloud Storage feature allows users to print from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365 or OneDrive by accessing it right at the print station.
  • Laptop computers: Download this driver: Open your document, choose "file>print" and select your preferred Wēpa printer.
  • Email: Print from any device that can send email. No account is needed, just email the document and use the Wēpa Code in the reply at any Wēpa print station. If you have an account, send an email to with your user account email address and you will find your document(s) in your documents list. Attach your document to an email, send to and use the provided Wēpa Code to print your document at any Wēpa print station.

  • LMS: You can print directly from your Learning Management System at any Wēpa print station. Access your Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Blackboard Learn or Sakai files at any Wēpa print station to print your files.

  • Mobile: You can print from any Apple® or Android® device. Download the “Wēpa Print” app and begin printing. The mobile app also has the ability to scan and print documents. Download the "Wēpa Print" app and follow the instructions.

  • USB drives: Print directly at any Wēpa print stations without a computer or account. Insert your drive and select documents.

  • Web: Upload documents from any web browser, on any computer. After logging in with your credentials or creating an account, upload documents from your computer or connected network directly to your user account. You can control settings and document print requirements before upload with easy to navigate controls. Login at, select your documents and "send to Wēpa."

Download the Wēpa app and create an account
  • Users must load money in increments of $5 and will be charged a 40-cent fee imposed by their banks, PayPal or other service if they do not have an account.
  • Black-and-white prints cost 8 cents and color prints cost 35 cents. Printing on the front and back of a page will count as two prints, not one.
  • Wēpa only holds documents for 6 days and once printed, files are gone and not stored.  

Adding money to your printing account

You may deposit money to your Wēpa account either at the print station or on the website using a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Making deposits at a print station

· Login to Wēpa account either by swiping a campus/tagged card or manually entering credentials.

· Select blue menu icon in top right, then Deposit Money from drop down menu.

· Select the amount to deposit, then Next. NOTE: THE DEFAULT AMOUNT IS $10 SO BE SURE TO CHOOSE $5.

· Select a payment option, either credit or debit card on the left or PayPal on the right.

· If you are using a credit or debit card, swipe the card when you are prompted.

If you are using PayPal, select PayPal Checkout to login to account. Deposited funds will appear under Account Balance in top right.

Making deposits on the Wepa website

· Log in to your Wēpa account.

· Select Deposit Funds in top right blue menu bar or select add more by CURRENT BALANCE in the right side print queue.

· Select an amount to deposit; $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, or $50.

· Select a payment method, either credit card or PayPal.

· If you are using a credit card, enter billing and payment information then Submit CC DepositIf you are using PayPal, select PayPal Checkout for a pop-up window to login to account or enter guest information.

Billing Information: Enter 00000 for zip code when using an International card.

Payment Information: The format for expiration date is MMYY and NOT MM/YY.