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COMM 110 Public Speaking: Websites

Where do Websites come from?

Recommended Websites

Websites:   Facts & Statistics

The Pew Research Center is  a nonpartisan "fact tank" that conducts research in key areas:

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Pew Social & Demographic Areas

Pew Research Center for People & the Press

Pew Hispanic Center

The Public Policy Institute of California is another nonpartisan "fact tank" that focus on California

Websites:  Communication Studies

Presidential Rhetoric

American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank

Television News Archive

The Emergence of Advertising in America:  1850-1920

TED Talks:  Ideas Worth Spreading

Websites:  The Internet Public Library

The Internet Public Library is a collection of websites evaluated by librarians.

Google Scholar

Google Search

Try doing and Advanced Search in Google!