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IDST 150 Honors Rebekah Taveau

Chicago Manual of Style 17

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Chicago and CSE

Chicago and CSE formatting styles are less used than MLA and APA, and there are literally hundreds of other styles that are less used still. Chicago is more common on the East Coast and certain parts of Canada, whereas CSE is popular in specialized science classes. This page provides some info about each, but if you are using these specialized style guides, you can come into the library for more detailed information. 


If you have any questions about when or how to cite the sources you are using, ask any librarian. We're here to help you and make it easy for you!

Scientific Style and Format Guide, 8


KnightCite, from Calvin University's Hekman Library, makes it extremely easy to cite sources in MLA, APA, and Chichago styles. You manually fill in provided boxes (or cut-and-paste all the info) and the KnightCite puts it all together and formats it.