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IDST 150 Honors Rebekah Taveau

Who is the author & do they know what they are talking about?

Click through to this article, and ask yourself as you read:

  • Who is interviewed for the article, and are they expert on this topic? Do they know a lot about it, or just about one aspect of the topic?
  • Is more than one person interviewed or cited in this article, or does it rely on just one?
  • Does the author of the article state that they have any special knowledge of this topic? (Hint: click on the author name to learn more about them.)
  • Does this publication have related articles to this topic? (Hint: click on the source name - six two - to see recently published articles.) Would you expect this publication to be seriously interested in the topic?
  • What type of a URL is this -- and would you expect that type of source to be expert on this topic?
    • .com = commercial
    • .gov = governmental agency
    • .edu = educational institution
    • .org = advocacy organization 

Given the answers to those questions, how believable do you think this source is?