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COMM 110/130 Love: Types of Speeches

Types of Speeches

There are several standard kinds of speeches you will be studying in the class.

On this page are examples of introductory, informative, persuasive, and special engagement or ceremonial speeches. (Notice that some speeches can fall into more than one category).

Introductory Speeches

A speech that introduces the main speaker or concept to the audience.

Persuasive Speeches

A speech designed to create, reinforce, or change people's beliefs or actions.

Informative Speeches

A speech designed to convey knowledge and understanding. (TEDtalks are great examples of this).

Find TEDtalks in the Films on Demand Database

Special Engagement / Ceremonial Speeches

A speech that will introduce a special occasion; bestow an award; receive an award; commemorate a person, group, idea, or situation; or in some other way express the reason and importance of a gathering.