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Streaming of Plays, Monologues, Sonnets, Whatever

This is a collection of videos related to Shakespeare from around the internet. It's very important that everyone understand Shakespeare was never intended to be read. Plays were the movies of history, and you would no more have read a Shakespeare play than you would read the script of a film. It's worth noting that the vast majority of Shakespeare's audience could not read or write.


The Cañada College Library also offers three streaming video databases: Films on DemandKanopy, and Ethnographic Films Online. You can find these by starting in the library's homepage and clicking on the Films tab above the search bar. For topics related to Shakespeare, start with a search in Films on Demand. When streaming from anywhere off campus, you will be prompted to enter the barcode on your library card, so make sure that you have a library card and that it's up to date!

Plays and Scenes


Cunk on Shakespeare

Anti-Racist Shakespeare (from The Globe Theater)

From the Globe Theater in London: 

Anti-Racist Shakespeare is a series of free webinars that brings together scholars and artists of colour from a wide variety of backgrounds to examine Shakespeare’s plays through the lens of race and social justice.

We encourage everyone – audience members, theatre professionals, students, teachers and scholars – to add their critical voice by attending and asking questions.

TEDTalks (A small sample of TED Talks that discuss Shakespeare)