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Physics: Assignment

Research assignment & presentation

You will choose a physics topic relevant to our current semester curriculum from our textbook (e.g., Newton's laws, conservation of energy, inelastic collisions, torque. Katz Chapters 5-18), examine the physics principles and think about their possible applications.

You will pick a real life application (note: an application is something useful or important, not just an example problem) of the physical process or law you have chosen and research it in terms of both its features and how knowledge of the physical laws and processes are useful for it.

You must include at least two reliable, authoritative sources in your research other than physics textbooks or encyclopedias (Wikipedia does NOT count as a reliable source).

You must prepare a presentation of at least three minutes, and no more than five (5) minutes in length talking about your topic.

Your presentation must include:

1. An explanation of the physical principle.

2. A description of the real life application.

3. Specifically explaining how your physical principle is used by your real life application. -You must submit your initial reference list with your presentation in proper APA style.

You must use visual aids in your presentation. If you are using PowerPoint or PDF slides, you must submit them no later than 2 weekdays before. If you include an uploaded video (even if it's you talking), activity, or participation from somebody other than you, it must not be longer than 1/3 of your total presentation length.

Research topic ideas