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Commonly used citation styles

Your librarians at Cañada College have created guides with examples of commonly used citation styles. The citation style you use depends on the academic discipline of your class and the instructor's preference.

Typically, English, history, language arts, cultural studies, and other humanities disciplines use MLA. Social Sciences, such as psychology, linguistics, sociology, economics, criminology, business, library science and nursing commonly use APA. Not many community college instructors require students to use CMOS, or Chicago Manual of Style, but you may encounter it at universities if you study literature, history, and the arts. The Council of Science Editors (CSE) scientific style used for citing sources in the sciences, including biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics and physics

Your professors will include which citation style they expect you to use in the syllabus, or you can ask which citation style they would like you to use.

Purdue OWL citation guides

Purdue University's English department maintains authoritative citation guides on their Online Writing Lab website. Known as Purdue OWL, universities and colleges everywhere refer students to these detailed online citation guides.

The Purdue OWL site includes videos and other tools to help with writing a resume or business letter, avoiding plagiarizing and more.

Photo by Scott Markowitz, 2016