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ENGL 100 Mills


Welcome, English 100 students! 

This guide will supply you with information about finding books and articles to help you write your paper. You will explore books, databases and Internet websites that are full of information. You will also learn what a database is and how to use one.

TO GET STARTED: Click on one of the many tabs above this box:

  • The Research Process: describes the cycle of doing research for a college paper (or any important question, really).
  • Resources for Research: how to find books, articles, newspaper stories and other sources for your class assignments.  Included are recommended databases to search for this course.
  • Citations in your Papers: how to use MLA format to properly cite your sources - and why it's worthwhile to do this.
  • Evaluating Resources guidance on how to fact check and evaluate resources.

Library services

The Cañada College Library, on the third floor of Building 9, offers computers, textbooks, technology, research help, printing, and group study rooms.

Library computers do not require you to log in and do not have a time limit so you can come and stay all day. Chromebooks, hotspots and calculators can be checked out from the circulation desk after you complete a technology loan agreement.

Search for textbooks available at the library. If you do not see your textbook, fill out the Textbook request form for students.