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ENGL 100 and 105 Maher: Library Activity

Exercise Instructions- Evaluate

Adapted from Meriam Library CSU, Chico

In a small group, I will assign you one website from the list below. Evaluate it based on the following criteria:

  1. Currency of Information.  How current is the information provided?  Is current information important for your topic?
  2. Relevancy: Who is the intended audience? Medical professionals, educators, students, family members, teens, etc.?
  3. Authority.  Who is responsible for the website?  Tip: You might want to look for an “about us” or “contact us” page.  What credentials (degrees, expertise, etc.) does this person have? Does the URL say anything about the source?
  4. Accuracy. Where does the information come from? Is it based on the author’s opinions or is the information supported by evidence? Does the author cite their sources?
  5. Purpose: Why was this website created?  To inform, entertain, advertise a product or service (sell you something), educate, persuade? Do the authors make their intentions or purpose clear?  Is the information fact, opinion, or propaganda?  Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, institutional, or personal biases?